Volkswagen Brand Tour

Despite being a worldwide established automobile brand, Volkswagen (VW) was having difficulties in building brand and product familiarity amongst Malaysians as it was only strongly associated with The Beetle. Therefore, Volkswagen decided to address this issue by embarking on a brand building exercise through a nationwide roadshow. The aim was to introduce the brand’s state-of-the-art German-engineered ingenuity, alongside with educating consumers of Volkswagen’s brand vision and essence. This inaugural nationwide brand showcase involved 13 locations across the country over a 4-month period.

The Context & Challenge

To identify and secure 13 strategic venues with high quality traffic.

To develop a conducive outdoor roadshow setting that promotes an enriching and comprehensive consumer experience; while allowing seamless sales activities to be conducted.

To translate Volkswagen’s vision and essence by digitalizing them into educative engagement activities.

The Process & Insights

Bringing Volkswagen’s Essence To Life. A series of digital-based engagement activities were developed to amuse, excite, and engage consumers in a fun and interactive manner. This is also to position Volkswagen as a creative and innovative brand.

An Immersive Journey. We transformed the venue with a mega-sized tentage and planned the layout in a way that ensure consumers go through a seamless journey, from brand education, to engagement activities, to immersing themselves in a test drive.

Delivering The Right Message. To ensure brand messages were clearly and correctly presented, a team of brand ambassadors were engaged for the 4-month period. This is important so that the team is familiar with the brand and products in maintaining consistency across all communications.

Walk The Talk. In order for consumers to experience the full potential of the VW cars, we engaged 15 experts to lead the test drive activity.

The Strategy

Selecting Locations. Venues were selected based on a detailed study of resident demographics, focusing mainly on the affluent and middle income groups. The strategy was to identify key congregation points / hotspots around these areas. Most highlighted locations were open-air venues, and nearby shopping malls, hypermarkets, community centres, sport centres etc. for ready traffic.

Pre-Publicity Teaser. Creative efforts were made one week before the roadshow to hype up, excite, and build awareness amongst consumers.

Logistics Viability. Display and test drive cars for the roadshow were obtained from local dealers; eliminating the cost involved to transport the cars from VW Headquarters while avoiding any unforeseen delay on the deliveries which may affect the roadshow.

Lead Generation. A database collection and management system was put in place to ensure that proper follow ups were made on the leads collected from the roadshow.

The Results

The roadshow successfully built the desired brand impression; connected the brand with the target market which led to a positive respond in sales and enquiries. Key achievements throughout the event included: more than 10,000 visitors, 7,000 database collected, 30,000 engagements, 3,000 test drives, RM25,000 worth of merchandise sales. Riding on the success of the roadshow, VW ran another nationwide activation 2 months later, this time round focusing on shopping malls at key market centres.