H-Artistry Malaysia

As a global activation platform to connect and engage with social entertainment and music enthusiasts, H-Artistry brings together the best entertainment talents from the East and West in one show and has been around since 2008, with Spiralasia as the key stakeholder in delivering this benchmark event since then. The Agency’s role includes developing a drive through campaign activated in a series of club-hosted parties that is wrapped up in a grand finale event for 5,000 guests each year. To ensure the success of the event, extensive study and research is conducted on consumers as well as current music trends to facilitate the artists’ curation and show production, formulating brand and product education that will immerse consumers to a night of rich brand-related contents and memorable experience.

The Process & Insights

We followed and studied the global trends and behaviour of the target market, and various mega music event platforms. We integrated these market insights, of consumer lifestyle, behaviour and music consumption patterns.

The Strategy

Inspired by consumer’s music and beverage consumption pattern, we modelled the first H-Artistry in 2008 as the first ever super clubbing experience in Malaysia, with a ground-up built of 3,000 square meters super club within 5 days, culminating an upbeat electronic music, featuring energetic live performances from different music genres, and a first ever mega projection mapping and sound synchronizing show in Malaysia. Since then, H-Artistry has been benchmarked as the most sought after and must go-to event for the modern urbanites. H-Artistry has continuously succeeded in elevating its production and trendsetting show production year after year.

Cross-Discipline Collaboration Elevation & Live Stream.

In 2016, we made yet another breakthrough for H-Artistry via the collaboration of persevering and successful talents in art, fashion, and cocktail mixology to curate a first-of-its-kind experience for guests. Two specially curated signature cocktails demonstrating the versatility of Hennessy V.S.O.P, and two unique experiential rooms demonstrating the talent’s relentless effort in pursuing excellence were created and indulged by thousands of guests. In addition to that, H-Artistry 2016 was the first to live stream such a mega event to the homes of thousands around the world.